Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Full Metal Cans

I've been getting a lot of cola on me lately. Every time I crack open a can of pop these days, Diet Coke flies everywhere. It's not a significant amount really, but when you're talking about splashing pop, every drop matters.

The pop level actually looks higher in the cans I've opened recently. Could this be? Are the robots at the factory having a bit of fun? Is this happening to anyone else?

All of this blogging is making me thirsty. You're thinking "Don't drink pop, drink water or juice" right? Water and juice just don't have the same zip. Maybe if the water and juice companies made it more fun to open their products, I'd think about it.

Here it goes... (anyone know an onomatopoeic word for a can of pop opening?) ... and nothing. Blogged too soon I guess.

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