Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hit by a food cart

(She looks so innocent doesn't she? Photo thanks to Girl Least Likely To)

At a recent conference, I overheard some talk about flight attendants. Someone said:
"I hate sitting in aisle seats. If you sit in an aisle seat, you are going to get hit in the head with a food cart."
Everyone nodded in agreement.

I started wondering if a flight attendant's blog is filled with sentences like: "Today was a slow day. I only hit 4 passengers. Fingers crossed for tomorrow." If this isn't a central theme on their blogs, it must be something they frequently discuss behind the curtain as they do their "work". On the few occasions that I've had the misfortune to step into flight attendant territory, I'm quite sure I saw a few scoreboards and Fantasy Foodcart charts hanging on the wall.

(When flight attendants play Quake, do they use the drink cart weapon mod?)


Lisa said...

Ha! I enjoyed this piece about the food cart. I always hear that too about the aisle seats. It hasn't happened to me though....hmm, but I always do sit by the window. :)

Sean O'Hagan said...

Thanks Lisa, and thanks for the great photo at top. Good luck on your future flights! ;)