Monday, November 10, 2008

A truly mad scientist

This doesn't get any closer to our shared idea of a "mad scientist". Enjoy this TED Conference talk from February 2006 given by Clifford Stoll, a U.S. astronomer.

(If you see a Player 7 or Player 8 message below, just click on one of them and the video will start.)


Julie said...

I enjoyed that Sean. I may not have understood it all, and I know that you didn't understand the reference to religion. Do such things make you wonder?

Julie said...

That was Mike not Julie.

Sean O'Hagan said...

I'm quite sure that had "religion" not been written on the inscription years ago, Stoll would have been happy to omit it. It's certainly a nice quote, but I've really thought long and hard about religion already. Word-crafting is not going to change my way of thinking. How about you?